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Strategic Thinking Project - intro

by : Amal Jamal

This book is published as part of the strategic thinking project led by the I’lam Center in Nazareth and in cooperation with the Oxford Research Group in London and the Palestinian Strategic Thinking Group in Ramallah. The book follows two previous strategic reports that were published by the I’lam Center in 2016 and 2018, aiming to expand strategic thinking about the complex reality of the relationship between Israel, the Palestinian national movement, Palestinian citizens of the state and the broader Arab surroundings. The main aim of the project in which this manuscript has been developed is to search for and propose the most constructive and effective ways to deal with the complex conflictual relationship between Israel and its Palestinian and Arab neighbors. Over the last three years, the I’lam Center has undertaken responsibility for moderating the activity of the strategic thinking group which has published the two strategic reports, and has promoted strategic position papers by Israeli Jewish and Palestinian experts. The position paper topics were chosen by the board of the project at a meeting in Oxford, UK during the summer of 2017. All partners attended this meeting, including representatives from the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem. At that meeting, it was agreed that strategic
thinking should be expanded concerning the main challenges of Israeli and Palestinian societies. It was decided to approach a number of experts

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